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  • We do not accept:

      1. websites containing lines like "one word ,another word" or "one word,another word". It should be "one word, another word". Please check your grammar books for this, if necessary!

      2. websites made for Adsense, not for people

      3. subpages like Only will be accepted

      4. websites containing "resources" or "links" page with full of totally trashy links, but without a link back to our directory

  • We accept:

      1. websites in english, made for people!

To get listed in directory You need:

  • fill out a link details form
  • then choose the option that suits you best:

      [FREE] just wait for Your link approval by our staff (usually within 24h). It`s free!

      [EXCHANGE] place a link or small button (badge) on Your pages and click on it. When our script receive first hit from Your domain (when You send first visitor via link to any of pages) Your link will be approved automatically

      [PPC] pay a minimal amount of money - EUR 1.00

How You can improve Your listing position and how it woks:

Badges and links examples

Just copy and place HTML code to Your pages. Also You can hotlink our badges and banners or download to Your server. Send Your hits to any of pages

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